Monday, July 11, 2016

3 weeks to go!!

This week was a crazy week. I guess, it is starting to feel real but then it is not that I will be returning home. I had my last zone meeting this past week. Where I had to bear my last testimony on my mission in this setting. That really made me think about what I really have learned on the mission. I have almost 18 months as a missionary. It feels like yesterday I was in the MTC. I have learned so much it is crazy!!!!!!!!

Last week on my blog, I talked about a family, let me tell you how they are doing. They are just AMAZING!!! Our stake president and his wife invited us and them over for a family night. We showed up to a nice 80’s film from the Church. The movie was talking about marriage. We still have not talked to them about marriage, so we were a little nervous at first. Since they have to get married. My companion and I were just biting our tongues at the funny American 80’s film. In the end everyone said they liked it. It was a great family night but 80’s American films are the best thing to watch!!! I highly recommend that film... ha-ha

Whelp, other than that nothing exciting happened. I got sick, doctors told me it was tonsillitis but I do not have my tonsils, so I am 90% sure it was just a head cold. All better now.

Lots of love,
Sister Burke

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